The utmost quality from farm to shelf

Ayush Herbs® herbal products are manufactured in the United States using ingredients grown in Himachal Pradesh, India. Our quality begins with where we grow our herbs, the remote and pristine valleys of Himachal Pradesh. This beautiful area located at the base of the Himalayas is considered a premier growing region for Ayurvedic herbs. The incredibly diverse climate provided by the rising elevations creates an environment such that it is the natural habitat for most Ayurvedic herbs. All of our herbs are grown and harvested to the highest quality specifications exclusively for Ayush Herbs®. Our herbs are grown on our own farms or by partner farmers, collectives, or NGOs. Close attention is paid to the health and development of each plant in every aspect, including the overall health of the plant and the time of harvesting to ensure optimal potency and quality.

After harvesting our herbs are processed at our state-of-the art plant in the Nagrota Bagwan district of Himachal Pradesh. The facility is ISO, GMP, and Kosher certified and run under the supervision of Mr. Jitender Sodhi. When the raw herb enters our facility testing for species verification, potency, heavy metals and pesticides is completed using TLC, HPLC, and UV spectrophotometry. Stringent quality controls are maintained at Ayush Herbs® facilities by our team of scientists using the latest technologies. Ayush’s herbal-extraction methods use advanced technology and proprietary techniques to obtain maximum levels of active principles while maintaining a full-spectrum extract. After extraction the extracts are spray, oven, or freeze-dried to return them to a solid state and remove the ethanol used for extraction. Manufacturing takes place in temperature, humidity and dust controlled rooms to prevent cross-contamination and product deterioration. Additionally, each piece of equipment is individually sterilized before each production run. At this point our extracts go through another round of tests for heavy metals, pesticides and microbial contamination. We also send out samples for third party heavy metal and pesticide testing to verify that our herbs do indeed meet our stringent standards. Finally, each batch is hygienically packed and samples are tagged and kept for future reference. Additional testing by third parties is performed to ensure that each product meets Ayush’s own high standards of excellence.

Once packaged, inspected, and approved, our herbal extracts are shipped to the United States. Prior to manufacturing, the materials are again tested and passed according to GMP, NSF, FDA standards and produced in FDA certified manufacturing facilities under stringent quality controls. The finished formulations are again submitted to third parties for quality verification. In addition, our product labels are reviewed four times(?) by third parties to ensure that our labels reflect accurate information for consumers. All of these measures are in place in order to ensure that Ayush Herbs® provides a product that is fresh, natural, sanitary and free of adulteration of any kind.

At Ayush Herbs® we were started because our founders were in search of high quality Ayurvedic herbs to use with their patients. They were unable to find these and thus began Ayush. That focus on quality and efficacy has been with us from the beginning and continues to be our focus to this day. You can be assured that when you purchase Ayush you are getting the finest quality supplements available.